Thursday, May 14, 2009

More than your trusty little T.

So, yesterday while writing a little life biz over at Still Learning Life, I was writing about the t shirt which I am fondly referring to as my official "Summer T" And it got me thinking...

So what all can you do with a t shirt?

Here's the thing. I am a sewer of things. However, I am a SLOW sewer of things. I have come across numerous delightful little patterns and then thought in the back of my mind "Hmm...but Target does have their girls coordinates on sale right now for $ I'll pass on sewing this one!) Sewing isn't quite what it was in the olden days-you know, when our parents were running across the Prairie (this might be an exaggerated statement for effect).

Truth: You may not always save time and money sewing clothes. Most people take on these sewing of clothes projects for fun, fulfillment, because they want to, and sometimes to save money.

HOWEVER, what I love about these three t shirt patterns, is that they are fairly simple (and simple coming from me really means simple). Not simple like the "Simplicity" patterns I have sewn (or should I say, attempted to sew) and almost SIMPLY lost my mind!

So here are the facts:

FACT 1: I guarantee you own numerous t shirts. Don't lie.

FACT 2: I guarantee you do not wear all of those t shirts, and if you do, I am concerned about your wardrobe choices.

FACT 3: If you try to make one of these patterns out of an old t shirt, and end up sewing the legs together, for example, as if you were making a pair of pants for a mermaid, who cares! Toss the t and start again! (Or donate the pair you botched to a mermaid).

FACT 4: Most t shirts are soft and cozy, so why not wear them in many forms all over your body and your baby's body? **

**I am sure I would be crucified for that last statement by the "What Not to Wear" crew, so just don't tell them...or if you do, be sure to mention my name very clearly with the above statement. I could tolerate a $5000 shopping spree.

From T to 3! (just click on the image and you will be whizzed away to tutorial land!)

1. T shirt pants for little boys (and girls). So easy! And how many t shirts do you have laying around? Thanks to Whitney at Rookie Moms. There are instructions or a video tutorial, even better!

2. T shirt pants for mama!

3. 3-in-1 t-shirt dress, tunic top, skirt!!! Thanks to KYMY at "Everything Your Mama Made and More!" So easy. So cute.

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