Wednesday, May 20, 2009


COM·RAD·ERY: the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

Now lose the "c" replace it with an "m." What does that spell?


You are in the line at Target after a strenuous shopping trip with your 2 year old. You bribed said child the whole way through the store by lettering her play with an obnoxious toy without any intent to purchase it. You're hoping to pull the old "bait and switch" at the last second at the checking out-swapping the annoying toy out for the old sippy cup. You pull the switch too early and a tantrum erupts. You stand your ground firm and refuse to give into the tactics of your two year old. As you attempt to will yourself invisible, you lock eyes with the woman in line behind you and you can tell by her empathetic smile and slight nod, that she too has pulled an unsuccessful bait and switch. She is giving you a nod of approval for being a rock star. You feel empowered, slightly less embarrassed, and even tougher. Those are the moments I love, het ones where you feel in the company of your fellow "momrades." Instead of rolled of eyes, glares, loud sighs, and judgmental looks, you get a shout out-whether through a look, an applause, or someone actually shouts out. You get it. You feel it. You love it.

I was at Old Navy one day. I was childless-amazingly-standing in the checkout line. 2 people in front of me, at the checkout counter stood a mother completing a purchase. Behind her, stood a little girl approximately 3-4 years old screaming. Now there is a scream that as a fellow mom, you recognize immediately as a tantrum scream. A tantrum scream sounds completely different from a legitimate fear or injury scream. A tantrum scream is loud, annoying, ridiculous, and takes serious concentration and control on the part of the mom, not to lose it!

Checkout mom kept her cool. She glanced back at the little girl and whispered something that I strained to hear, I think it was, "you need to CALM down." Her child's reply-extreme head shaking accompanied by additional screaming with some stomps thrown in for emphasis. I admit it. I was staring right at the "situation" you are supposed to look away from. I wasn't staring because I was judging (sometimes I do stare at people because I am judging); I was in awe at how calm and cool checkout mom played it. After what seemed like an eternity for checkout mom I am sure, she made her grand exit. She reached for her daughter's hand; the child dramatically refused the non-negotiable gesture. Check out mom STILL kept her cool. She hoisted the hysterical child over her shoulder, calm and collected, and marched out of the store.

At that point applause should have erupted. The sales clerks should have ushered checkout mom back into the store and presented her with a 50% coupon for being the bomb. I wanted to run out of the store and tell her, "I know you’re dealing with some major drama, but can I just say, you were AMAZING in there! You rocked that whole tantrum situation. Way to stand your ground and not lose it. Way to rock at this whole mom thing." My hypothetical pep talk would have gone something like that, had I sprinted out of line. I am slightly embarrassed to say, I did not want to lose my place in line, so I just sent her a "shout out" in my head.

Every mom experiences embarrassing moments in public with children. If you haven't experienced one yet, one is coming. And when you do experience one, remember that your fellow "momrades" paved the way. Other moms painfully stood in that checkout line or store aisle, or on the playground, or sat in that restaurant booth with a child behaving badly. Let that be an encouragement to you. And when you see your fellow "momrades" out on the battlefield looking tired and weary, stop and salute your fellow woman or at least give her a quick smile, a slight head nod and look that says, "You are a rock star!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Presto Pesto!

Fresh Basil.................................................................... Fresh Pesto Parm Pasta!

Pesto. Quick! What are you thinking? Either you're thinking, "Mmmm...yoummy!" or "No thanks, could you just post a cupcake recipe or something?" Lovers and haters alike, I am here to tell you that the pasta I made tonight rocked!

Typically, you would not find me sitting in the pantry eating pesto by the spoonfuls (that would actually be disgusting) and I do not recall ordering pesto ever at a restaurant. What I will tell you is that I am having a love affair with my herb garden. After you take a look at my herb garden pictured below, you will see that I am using the term "garden" rather loosely-as I only have 6 herbs planted in a long planter box.

There it is, my little (literally) garden.

Today while "gardening" (watering four pots), I thought, "Wow, I have a lot of basil." Being the true farmer I am, I decided I had to make something fresh from the land (or planter pot). Pesto requires a large quantity of basil, and that is how Tuesday became Pesto pasta night!

I know all that background was incredibly thrilling and now you are on the edge of your seat, heart racing, eagerly awaiting this recipe. So lets get to it!

Pesto Fuller-style. Yummy!
This is my ultimate favorite pesto. Its not overpowering, or too "pesto-ee." Its a little cheesier than your average pesto-sort of like if pesto and parmesan had a little pesto-parm baby.

1 cup basil leaves (pack the cup full)
3 cloves garlic
3/4 tsp sea salt-or regular salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 c virgin olive oil
2 TBSP room temp butter
1/4 c pine nuts
3/4 c parmesan cheese (I used some nice shredded)
Food processor (preferable) or blender
8-10 oz of fettuccine pasta or another kind if you prefer

  1. Boil water, add some salt and a little oil and cook the pasta to al dente. Drain and set aside
  2. While your pasta is cooking, add all the ingredients listed above, except the cheese and butter and blend until very incorporated and almost a paste like texture.
  3. Add the butter and 1/2 c of the cheese to paste mixture and puree or mix in food processor until blended.
  4. DO NOT heat the pesto. Add the pesto mixture to the warm pasta. Sprinkle the remaining 1/4 of parmesan over the pasta and serve! Approx 4 medium size servings
FYI: Pesto is best fresh. You can keep a pesto mixture refrigerated up to a week. If you do this, pour a thin layer of olive oil over the top of the pesto mixture and cover with plastic wrap or in an air tight container.

Friday, May 15, 2009

True False Friday

This quiz was made up by me at 12:15am while eating a bag of salt lime popcorn. I make no promises!


True or False. Letting your children carry snack cups around the living room, only to dump out contents (pretzels, crackers, cereal, etc.) of said cups and smash them into the carpet is not a good idea, annoying, and results in more work for mama. None the less, this practice will continue.

True or False. Your children have a trendier, more extensive, and attractive wardrobe than you do.

True or False. Day dreaming of naps or coffee or napping while drinking coffee is completely normal.

True or False. Putting a bag of cereal in the freezer by mistake and then searching for it all morning the next day is also completely normal.

True or False. You have a willingness to drop kick anyone's child across a field who would cause your own child harm or sadness.

True or False. You have the ability to complete multiple tasks at the same time, while at the same time forgetting what are all the tasks you are completing.

If you answered TRUE to these questions, congratulations, you are a mom! If you answered FALSE, than you must just be better than the rest of us, or not a mom.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More than your trusty little T.

So, yesterday while writing a little life biz over at Still Learning Life, I was writing about the t shirt which I am fondly referring to as my official "Summer T" And it got me thinking...

So what all can you do with a t shirt?

Here's the thing. I am a sewer of things. However, I am a SLOW sewer of things. I have come across numerous delightful little patterns and then thought in the back of my mind "Hmm...but Target does have their girls coordinates on sale right now for $ I'll pass on sewing this one!) Sewing isn't quite what it was in the olden days-you know, when our parents were running across the Prairie (this might be an exaggerated statement for effect).

Truth: You may not always save time and money sewing clothes. Most people take on these sewing of clothes projects for fun, fulfillment, because they want to, and sometimes to save money.

HOWEVER, what I love about these three t shirt patterns, is that they are fairly simple (and simple coming from me really means simple). Not simple like the "Simplicity" patterns I have sewn (or should I say, attempted to sew) and almost SIMPLY lost my mind!

So here are the facts:

FACT 1: I guarantee you own numerous t shirts. Don't lie.

FACT 2: I guarantee you do not wear all of those t shirts, and if you do, I am concerned about your wardrobe choices.

FACT 3: If you try to make one of these patterns out of an old t shirt, and end up sewing the legs together, for example, as if you were making a pair of pants for a mermaid, who cares! Toss the t and start again! (Or donate the pair you botched to a mermaid).

FACT 4: Most t shirts are soft and cozy, so why not wear them in many forms all over your body and your baby's body? **

**I am sure I would be crucified for that last statement by the "What Not to Wear" crew, so just don't tell them...or if you do, be sure to mention my name very clearly with the above statement. I could tolerate a $5000 shopping spree.

From T to 3! (just click on the image and you will be whizzed away to tutorial land!)

1. T shirt pants for little boys (and girls). So easy! And how many t shirts do you have laying around? Thanks to Whitney at Rookie Moms. There are instructions or a video tutorial, even better!

2. T shirt pants for mama!

3. 3-in-1 t-shirt dress, tunic top, skirt!!! Thanks to KYMY at "Everything Your Mama Made and More!" So easy. So cute.

Monday, May 4, 2009


With Spring will come all your modern, domestic, and mama desires...or at least some new and exciting posts. I promise!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It has been way too long!
Here's what is coming very soon-a.ka.-what I've been up to.
  • The nursing cover tutorial!
  • The best bread ever!
  • Easy apple butter
  • Organization pointers-not that I'm organized, just passing on some tips from more organized people than myself!
  • Kids and eating